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FCRC: Flying Car Racing Championships
FCRC: Flying Car Racing Championship is a fast-paced action racing game where you race flying cars through futuristic cities. Players must manoeuvre cars through gates, while avoiding buildings, to progress along the racing track and earn energy. Racers can use stored energy to trigger special items: guns, missiles, mines, shield and turbo.
  • 6 racers each with their own unique flying car
  • 3 racing tracks
  • Compete in single quick races or three-race championships
  • Use credits earned from completing races to upgrade car modules: guns, missiles, mines, shield, armor, radar, engine, turbo and capacitor
  • Each racer has 25 upgrade levels
NOTE: All features, levels and upgrades available with the original version; NO in-app purchases required!
No longer available for download from the Apple App Store.
If you need to contact us, please email us at: feedbaccstudios@gmail.com